Saturday, April 3, 2010

We Have New Things Coming...

There are quite a few new things coming up - the first being 2 new bracelets & 1 new pair of earrings. The earrings I am really excited about because they're a bit of a difference from the normal earrings I make. :)

Also I am working on getting the official website up and running - it will soon house this blog, links to the MySpace, Twitter, & Facebook pages, and will also have a shopping cart where you can purchase items as well. The Etsy shop will still be up and running, but you will be able to purchase items from either place.

New items will be split between the offical site shopping area and Etsy. All custom orders however, I would ask that they be done via Etsy through the conversation system. This way I can keep track of them better. :)

I should be rolling out the website soon - just have a few more kinks to work out and then I'll be ready to open the website up!

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