Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Taking the Plunge Into Etsy Showcase

Being that my current sources of income are the non-existent sales from my Etsy, Artfire, and US Trendy shops, and some freelance writing work that I do, I have been a bit lax on advertising my shop and my items. This is mostly because all of the really good ways to advertise are, well, costly.

That being said, last night I decided to go ahead and click the "Promote" link next to one of the baby blankets I posted a week ago or so. What I ended up with is an Etsy showcase on 8/25 in the crochet category. The Etsy showcase is not as expensive as some methods of advertising - it's $7 per day that you choose to participate and they just add it to your Etsy bill as opposed to charging a credit or debit card for it immediately.

Yet in the past it was the fee that stopped me. Like I said - my current sources of income are not exactly bringing in the money like crazy and extra fees just seemed like a bad idea. But I decided to take the plunge and see what happens. Wish me luck!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

10% of all Sales Donated to K-LOVE

As a born again Christian and follower of Christ, I have been led by my Lord to donated 10% of each sale to K-LOVE, a wonderful Christian radio station ministry. K-LOVE is one of my favorite radio stations to listen to - between the uplifting music and the heartwarming stories of people who have turned to Christ, it makes any day brighter.

K-LOVE is completely listener supported, which means that if they don't get enough support, they could have to go off the air. So many people have come to our Lord Jesus Christ through this wonderful ministry that I have been called to help make sure that they stay on the air.

If you would like to help support this wonderful radio station, simply make a purchase from any of my stores, Etsy, Artfire, or US Trendy. 10% will be saved back from the sale and when K-LOVE makes their next pledge drive, a one time donation will be made with the money that has been saved specifically for K-LOVE. Join me in helping this radio station stay on the air! Thank you!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Team Treasuries for 8/13/10

At the EtsyBloggers team we always have at least one weekly treasury - but this week we have 5 of them! :) This is mostly due to the 3rd anniversary sale that is going on right now - we have over 50 Etsy vendors participating - for my part I'm giving everyone 10% off everything in the shop. Pay as normal with PayPal and I'll refund the difference back to you. :)

Our normal weekly treasury is being curated by MysticWynd blog here and can be found at:

Next up we have a treasury that is being curated by Memories for Life Scrapbooks blog here and can be found at:

Our third treasury is curated by PatchSupplyShop blog here and can be found at:

This next treasury I am honored to have been included in and is curated by PatchSupplyShop blog here as well, and can be found at:

Last but certainly not least is our 5th treasury for this weekend, curated by PatchSupplyShop blog here yet again, and can be found at:

Happy browsing everyone and don't forget to check out http://etsybloggers.blogspot.com for a full list of the shops participating in the 3rd anniversary sale!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

EtsyBloggers Anniversary Sale Event

And now a word from the awesome EtsyBloggers Team about their 3rd Anniversary Sale Event (of which Eternal Stardust Designs is taking part).

Have you heard?? Approximately 50 Etsy shops are participating in this wonderful event...we're all celebrating the 3rd Anniversary of the rockin' EtsyBloggers team...and we're all having a SALE!!! Look at all the beautiful items just waiting for you to take a closer look:

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blog Carnival: Back to School

This blog carnival is being brought to you by the EtsyBloggers Team blog. They've given us 2 questions relating to back to school time:
1) It's back to school time...How are you preparing to get the kids or yourself back to school?
2) What was your favorite BOOK, MOVIE, or GETAWAY SPOT over the summer?

Well, in answer to question #1, since I don't have kids and I'm not going back to school (I would love to but can't afford to even with financial aid) so I'm really not preparing for back to school. :)

Question #2 is a bit more difficult to answer. We didn't go anywhere for vacation or anything this year (my roomies and I that is) so I don't have a getaway spot. Most of the movies I watched this summer were from RedBox so they weren't really summer movies. But I did read a few books this summer - my favorite so far would probably have to be "Lucan" by Susan Kearney. Granted that book came out last fall, but the book was really, really good and it was the first of a trilogy. So that would have to be my favorite book of the summer!! :)

EtsyBloggers Featured Blogger for August - Patch!

This month on the EtsyBloggers team our featured blogger is Patch. Patch runs 3 shops - Patch First Shop, Patch Vintage Clothing Shop, and Patch Supply Shop.

Patch's "First Shop" is her Beaded Swarovski & Bridal Custom jewelry shop and features gorgeous items like the one below (my favorite):

Cute Berry Lantern Earrings - Pink and Green

Patch's "Vintage Clothing Shop" has beautiful vintage clothing that anyone would love to have. My favorite is shown below:

Vintage Red Leopard Blouse

Finally, Patch's "Supply Shop" contains many different types of supplies from packaging supplies to crafting supplies. Being a beader, I loved the gemstone set below from this shop:

Gemstone Bead Mix - Set 4

Patch is one amazing lady - running 3 shops and 2 blogs! You can check out both of her blogs: Patch First Shop Blog & her Wedding Guide Blog. Be sure to stop and take a look at both of her blogs and all three of her wonderful shops! :)