Saturday, August 21, 2010

10% of all Sales Donated to K-LOVE

As a born again Christian and follower of Christ, I have been led by my Lord to donated 10% of each sale to K-LOVE, a wonderful Christian radio station ministry. K-LOVE is one of my favorite radio stations to listen to - between the uplifting music and the heartwarming stories of people who have turned to Christ, it makes any day brighter.

K-LOVE is completely listener supported, which means that if they don't get enough support, they could have to go off the air. So many people have come to our Lord Jesus Christ through this wonderful ministry that I have been called to help make sure that they stay on the air.

If you would like to help support this wonderful radio station, simply make a purchase from any of my stores, Etsy, Artfire, or US Trendy. 10% will be saved back from the sale and when K-LOVE makes their next pledge drive, a one time donation will be made with the money that has been saved specifically for K-LOVE. Join me in helping this radio station stay on the air! Thank you!

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