Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blog Carnival: Back to School

This blog carnival is being brought to you by the EtsyBloggers Team blog. They've given us 2 questions relating to back to school time:
1) It's back to school time...How are you preparing to get the kids or yourself back to school?
2) What was your favorite BOOK, MOVIE, or GETAWAY SPOT over the summer?

Well, in answer to question #1, since I don't have kids and I'm not going back to school (I would love to but can't afford to even with financial aid) so I'm really not preparing for back to school. :)

Question #2 is a bit more difficult to answer. We didn't go anywhere for vacation or anything this year (my roomies and I that is) so I don't have a getaway spot. Most of the movies I watched this summer were from RedBox so they weren't really summer movies. But I did read a few books this summer - my favorite so far would probably have to be "Lucan" by Susan Kearney. Granted that book came out last fall, but the book was really, really good and it was the first of a trilogy. So that would have to be my favorite book of the summer!! :)

1 comment:

  1. I had some problems too with this carnival - no kids and it's winter here in NZ :-)
    I'll look out for Lucan - I love a good read