Friday, May 21, 2010

Hard At Work

I have been hard at work lately creating new items, listing new items in the Etsy shop, and even posting items on eBay to see if that is a feasible solution for selling/marketing Eternal Stardust Designs.

Right now I have 4 items up for auction - three of them are not in the Etsy shop, so you would only be able to purchase them via eBay right now. If you're interested in seeing what we have to offer on eBay, you can click here to view my eBay page.

There are currently 45 items for sale in the Etsy shop - Eternal Stardust Designs on Etsy so you can definitely check that out as well if you are of a mind to. :)

I also have some blog posts for this blog planned, including giving some insight into my inspirations for making my jewelry.

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