Friday, May 21, 2010

Where I Find Inspiration

People are innately curious. They wonder about everything. They wonder about life, God/Goddess, faith, how things work, and where inspiration comes from. When it comes to artwork or crafts, they definitely wonder where inspiration comes from.

My inspiration is everywhere. I can look at beads and say "oh, that would be so cool as a (insert piece of jewelry here)." I can look at trees or flowers and say "oh, if I could find beads that color, or find beads shaped like those leaves or flowers, I could make an adorable (insert piece of jewelry here."

I have been inspired by paint schemes on NASCAR race cars - I've done items based on Tony Stewart's cars, Kyle Busch's cars, and Jeff Gordon's cars. I am continually inspired by their paint schemes, I just don't have the beads or money to get the beads to make more of the NASCAR inspired items.

I have been inspired by things that I know my favorite celebrities like. Several of my favorites are poker players - so you can imagine the thrill I got when I found beads that were made to look like the Jack - Ace of Hearts. I even have a title for the bracelet I'm going to make for them already - a favorite tune by Lady Gaga - "Poker Face."

So inspiration comes from many places, and has many faces. I've even been inspired by seeing items others have made - they inspire me to learn a technique I don't already know and to create my own designs based on those techniques. Inspiration comes to you in many ways - you just have to play around until you find yours.

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