Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Newest Creation & Renewed Faith

Well, I finally got off my buns and started making some new creations. :) The first creation I have (well, only creation I have since I ended up needing to order more beads for the other one) is the "Dreaming of Vegas" bracelet. I was going to name it "Poker Face" but then my friend bought a couple of items from me on eBay and her username there inspired me to name the bracelet something else. The funny thing is that another friend of mine said she thought this bracelet would sell really well in Vegas! :)

Dreaming of Vegas Bracelet

My friend bought the following two bracelets from me on eBay. These are my first jewelry sales via eBay and so I was thrilled to realize they'd been purchased. :) I should have known who it was who bought them. She'd told me she wanted one of them already. :D

Red, White, & Black Flat Spiral Weave Bracelet

Green & Blue Flat Spiral Weave Bracelet

Don't you love the packaging?? I use colored card stock type paper that I get in packs of 50 and my best friend ever so sweetly cuts it to the size needed to put it in the self sealing bags. She cuts it for me because I can't cut it right to save my hide. :D It's a good thing we live in the same house, huh?? LOL

So there you have it. My newest creation and a bit of renewed faith as I've sold a couple of pieces. Now to sell some other pieces! :)