Friday, June 4, 2010

Eternal Stardust Designs Has Made It's First Etsy Sale!!!

As the title says, I have made my first Etsy sale. A friend of mine saw and wanted to purchase the Annie bracelet from this post (the bracelet was actually named after her) and she wanted to purchase one of my best friend's key chains. She didn't want to have to purchase from two different places (my best friend's key chain was on eBay) so I helped my best friend end her auction and then posted 2 custom listings - one for the key chain and one for the bracelet!

Now please do not think that you cannot get this beautiful bracelet! If you are interested in the bracelet, just let me know! I can definitely make another one for you - or I can make another one like it but using slightly different beads. Just let me know if you are interested - you can convo me on Etsy!

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