Monday, March 15, 2010

Big Things Coming

Well, I finally got the information I needed and I filled out the necessary forms in order to receive my Iowa State Sales tax permit. Now when I sell items whether it be through Etsy or if I sell at a craft show/fair, I will need to collect Iowa State Sales Tax.

Iowa is a flat-rate state, so I set up my PayPal account to automatically charge the sales tax on the items if the package is being shipped to Iowa. Fun times. :D Plus I upgraded my PayPal to a business account so as to make sure that credit card statements show some form of Eternal Stardust Designs on them when they're viewed after making a purchase.

And finally, I ordered my business cards. Although Etsy has a partnership with MOO, I used VistaPrint to order my cards instead - 250 FREE business cards (shipping & handling was the only cost) - plus I can get a few other items for nothing but shipping if I want to. I'm not sure where I'm going to hand out my business cards other than putting them in the packages when I send out orders, but we'll see. I do know I'm going to make sure to carry some with me all the time!

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