Monday, October 11, 2010

EtsyBloggers Blog Carnival: Halloween Things

This week our blog carnival from EtsyBloggers is hosted by Mystic Wynd. She wants to know the following:

1. Halloween is just around the corner. What is the best Halloween costume you've ever worn or designed for someone else to wear? What made it so special?
2. Tell us about your top 3 favorite horror movies. What is it about them that scares you?


Costume wise I think the best costume I’ve ever worn would probably be the year I was a witch when I worked for Convergys in Texas. I had on a black dress, black nylons, black heels, painted my face green, and had the witch hat on. I also had a stuffed black cat that I carried along with a broom. We had a “Witch Alley” that year and all of us that dressed up as witches sat there. It was pretty cool, especially when the boss shot us weird looks every time he walked by! :D

My top 3 favorite horror movies in no particular order would be: SAW series, Halloween (Rob Zombie versions), and Friday the 13th series (originals). To be perfectly honest, none of them actually scare me. I rarely even jump when watching a horror movie, which drives most people I watch them with up the wall! SAW is kind of gross though, so sometimes I’ll look away because I’m squeamish, not because I’m scared.

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