Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Autumn & Winter Wear

So Autumn is here and Winter approaches. Time to start thinking of cool items for keeping warm. When I think of cool items to keep warm I think of cool scarves & awesome looking hats. Any hat that is stylish and can keep your head warm at the same time is a great idea in my book.

For instance this newsboy cap I made:

This cap can keep your head warm while allowing you to stay stylish at the same time. I think it's a really cute hat anyways. :)

Scarves can be cool as well. You can have pockets on them to allow you to warm your hands or stash stuff if you want, or they can be plain. You can have them in stripes or solids. I love a good scarf in Winter. I don't have any pictures of cool scarves right now, but I plan to make some soon! :)

The above pictured cap comes in 3 sizes - 22" head circumference, 24" head circumference, or 26" head circumference. If you happen to be larger than that, I can make it bigger as well. You can have your choice of colors too - the hat is only $15.00 - it is not currently available in any of my shops, but you can convo me to order one if you like! :) Just let me know your head size & what color you want! :)


  1. Lovely hat, just the thing for the cooler temps we are having here.

  2. I think the pockets in scarves must be new. I don't remember seeing them before Etsy. I love that idea!

  3. Cute hat! I LOVE wearing warm and snuggly clothes.

  4. Pockets in scarves? I've never seen that, but sounds like a good idea!

  5. cute hat, would be cute in lots of colors too

  6. Adorable hat - ♥

    What mess!! LOL