Monday, September 12, 2011

Featured Yarn: Red Heart Eco-Cotton Blend

A couple of years ago I had taken the city bus to our local Hobby Lobby in search of some findings for jewelry making. Not finding what I was looking for, I decided to hit the yarn aisle. That is where I found Red Heart Eco-Cotton Blend yarn. 

For those who have never heard of this particular offering from Red Heart, Eco-Cotton Blend takes the remnants left over from the manufacture of T-shirts and recycles them, combining them with acrylic to provide extra softness and loftiness, then spins the mixture into yarn. 

This yarn is quite soft and works up well. It is thinner than most cotton-based yarns tend to be, and it does have that annoying "split" factor - crocheters and knitters probably know what I am talking about - when you try to work with the yarn it splits into strands - but other than that, it is a nice yarn to work with. I made two round washcloths with one ball of this yarn.

The color selection is very limited - there are only 12 available colorways with three of them being "marl" or multicolored yarns. However, the colors are nice and would make some very nice items.

My only real issue is the price - $3.69 per ball. I would have to order from Red Heart's website or Herrschners, who carries it for $3.49 per ball. This makes it a bit out of my league at this point, unless I wanted to charge $10 for two washcloths, which I don't. :) 

But for anyone who is interested in reading more about Eco-Cotton Blend from Red Heart, you can do so here.

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