Saturday, September 24, 2011

Just Give Up Already

This is what my brain has been telling me for the last three or four days. Ever since I posted the clearance section of my jewelry shop, hoping that what is there would finally sell. It hasn't, and even though I just created the section on the 20th or 21st of September, my mind is telling me that no one wants this jewelry, it is junk, and just get rid of the shop and be done with it.

Unfortunately, since this particular nagging does not want to leave, I am wondering if it isn't time to just pack it in and forget trying to have my own business. I know, I know, I shouldn't give up or quit.'s been almost 3 years. It will be 3 years in December that I've been trying to make a go of this.

Of course, I get the same advice from everyone I ask about it on Etsy - keep digging, work on my photos, advertise more. Buy more slots in showcases, buy the new search ads, buy Google AdWords ads, become an advertiser on Facebook. Use Project Wonderful. Buy ad space on BlogAds. Try purchasing ad space on other blogs. Been there, done that, no sales. I'm tired of getting the same old advice that does *not* work. I'm tired of being told my pictures aren't good enough when I see shops with *worse* pictures that are selling items like mad. I'm tired of spending money I *do not* have to advertise my shop.

I'm just...tired. The entire time I was in Colorado at the beginning of the year my shops were on vacation mode.   The sad thing? I didn't think about them once until I got home. I didn't care that I didn't have sales, I didn't care that no one could see or buy my products, I just didn't care. Now that I'm home? I worry constantly - am I going to get a sale today? Am I going to have to relist items that I can't afford to relist? Am I going to have to spend more money on advertisement that gets me absolutely nothing?

So now I am wondering - should I give in to my mind and just give up already? Or should I keep plugging away at it, go through the Etsy Holiday Boot Camp and see if sales increase? If they don't increase should I pack it in then? Or should I keep going even beyond the holiday rush and see what happens?

I have no idea what I want to do - but I do know this - my best friend, who owns Baby Bratz Designs, seems to have a better grip on this business thing than I do - and she's not willing to give up yet. Maybe I shouldn't be either.

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  1. Hi Charity, it's your friend, Mara. LOL Offering some ideas...

    With the Art in the Park situation-- I think it would help to have your pieces raised up to eye level. Yes, certainly have them on table as well but you could take advantage of the space above the table. Take a look at those other pics you took. That jewelry booth with the black displays... that person had things raised up. Looks appealing in the picture so I assume it did in the real as well. That's what will draw customers to your booth. You don't have to buy anything fancy for that. You could use an old crate, paint it or something... you're crafty ;) you'll figure out what to use. Also, I always think it's cool when I'm walking through a craft fair and see a person actually making something at their booth. :) Engage in conversation with the shoppers.

    Another thing you had issue with was your pictures... I'm still working on this myself. I think I'm improving. So, what I recommend is using the manual setting on your camera, a tripod and a light box. I got my light box at - It's a jewelry supply company. I think it was around 50 bucks. Comes with 4 backdrops and 2 250-watt lights that have cute tripod legs. :) It's portable! So when you've finished taking your photos you can fold it back up into itself and store it away!! :) It may not be in your budget for right now but it's something to plan for. You can also make them. I did before but didn't like it and it took up space! lol I do recommend a lint brush to roll across the velvet because I have a 12 MP camera that sure picks up things one cannot see with the untrained eye. LOL

    I haven't really started selling my work. I'm too afraid and broke. I'm gearing up to do it now that I have a handle on knowing what to do, forming my brand, being consistent, etc... Legal shmegal crap still baffles me for now so I'm not pursuing anything at the moment.

    All creative people go through this self-doubt thing. Am I good enough? Does my work suck? Why am I even trying? Etc....

    Big hugs to you Charity. You're out there. You're doing it. You're making it happen!