Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Finding Craft Shows

While I admit that Art in the Park has been more or less of a bust the past couple of years, I have been wanting to try other craft shows. To be honest, Art in the Park's very name brings to mind paintings and sculptures that are being displayed in the park, not a craft show, which is what, for the most part, Art in the Park really is. This year we had several jewelry artists, several pottery artists, quilters, crocheters, and there were even some painters and sculptors there as well.

But I would like to be able to get into the bigger craft show scene. My problem is, when I use Google to search for shows, I find that all of the websites giving out information on craft shows in my area are either outdated - some haven't updated the pages since 2006 - or require me to pay them to give me the information on who to contact to reserve a space.

Now perhaps I'm just being cheap, but to me, if I have to pay upwards of $100 just to enter one of these craft shows, I shouldn't have to pay some random website a fee to tell me who to contact to obtain my spot. So of course, I turned to the lovely people in my Etsy teams that I am a part of. Of course, I just posted the discussion threads so I haven't heard back from anyone, but I am confident that someone will be able to tell me how to go about finding the appropriate information.

I don't plan to do any shows until at least next year, so I have time to have enough merchandise, but I do wish to do some shows next year besides Art in the Park. Now - to find those shows and get the information I need to get signed up!

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